AMIGOS ARBOLITO is a project for nature and the people of the region of Peñas Blancas

Our aim is to reforestation with a great variety of native trees of about 25 acres in combination with running organic mixed crop agriculture.

The project promotes biodiversity, encourages work and income for the people in the region, and aims to bring about self-help. Although many local people possess farming land, they don't know how to make it productive and continue to live in poverty.

Receiving 350 trees as a gift in 2017 gave us the impetus to form Amigos Arbolito. We have already planted many trees on our property, «Quinta El Mamey».

To realize our project, we have founded AMIGOS ARBOLITO to find suitable godparents for these trees.

Would you like to be a godparent of one of these trees in Ecuador?

With a one-off contribution of 150 Swiss francs, you will become a proud godparent to one of these saplings. In addition, you will receive a numbered certificate with a photo of your very own tree and a regular newsletter.

Contact us at

A patenship as a sustainable gift?

We issue gift certificates for an exceptional and sustainable present for weddings, birthdays, and baptisms. Contact us by contact form, and we'll send you a selection of possible trees.


A big THANK YOU to our partners and godparents

Yolanda B.

Daniel S.

Marcos F.

Pascal S.

Roger C.


Prisca & Sandro G.



Paulo P.

Walter & estella g.

Flurina m.

chris d.

Elizabeth & david H.

rick e.

dominik b.

stefan M.

ralf b.

diana c.

tobias g.

ana rita d.c.

niniane m.

jasmin s.

bettina g.

lulu z.

Martin W.

Mark W.

Roger K.

Mio M.

viviane P.

dylan O.

Mona & Moritz O.

Olivia Z.

toshiro L.

Anne R.

Sebastian & Kati K.

Markus S.

Martin B.

Alida & Andi T.

Francys B.

Sandra H.

Marie & Brayim O.

Yoline a.

Pilar L.

Sandra F.

Simone D.

Maren B.

i.M. Gladys D.R.

Bruno N.

Sara R.

CCAG Amigos

Sarah H.

Sarah E.

Nicole S.

Melanie F.

Melanie W.

Daniela V.

Pamela P.

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